The Spanish words “Tres Dias” mean “three days”. A Tres Dias Weekend has been described as a three day encounter with the living Christ. Tres Dias is a Lay-led ecumenical experience for those who seek to grow and mature spiritually by deepening their relationship with Jesus Christ.

A Tres Dias weekend begins on a Thursday evening and ends the following Sunday evening. The team leading the Tres Dias weekend consists of former attendees of a Tres Dias or similar weekend, who have volunteered their time for weeks of preparation by working and praying together as a unit.

Tres Dias is centered around lay and clergy talks. Each talk is discussed by table groups. Interchange that develops in these discussions makes Christ’s teachings come alive. The basic atmosphere of Tres Dias is one of love, joy, Christian fellowship, singing, laughing and worship. Tres Dias makes future Christian experiences more fruitful because of the zestful seasoning it brings to all Christian living.

Just as Christ meets you at your point of need, so Tres Dias is designed for those who desire to be strengthened in their faith and to be brought closer to Christ in their discipleship. All are welcome to attend the weekend. There are weekends for men and weekends for women. Each attendee must be sponsored by someone who has previously attended a Tres Dias or similar weekend experience.

Future Weekends

This is a list of the future Spring and Fall Weekends scheduled to take place for CCTD. Keep these Weekends in your prayers for the selection of Rectors, Team development and Guests.


MEN’S #60
Our Lady of Calvary
April 25-28, 2019

Fall 2018

Women’s #72
Our Lady of Calvary
October 17-20, 2019


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